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-George Wamola, Managing Director, ISOFT-OMNIS Solutions

“We have implemented the installation, training and final execution of payroll systems in conjunction with the founders of Poboli Associates. They have proved to be straightforward, reliable and professional in partnership dealings to the overall benefit of our clients. We have also been able to seamlessly adjust taxation tables whenever there are changes in the statutory deduction regimes.

We highly recommend the company to anyone in need of professional services”

Charles Nkubitu,Head of Technical Sales,Jawabu Kenya

“We have seamlessly integrated the Jawabu Core Banking System in partnership with the founder of Poboli Associates for a SACCO. Our comprehensive approach included a training-of-trainers program for SACCO staff, covering product definition, parameterization, and migration. This meticulous process culminated in a successful Go live, ensuring optimal benefits for the SACCO members.

Poboli Associates is a one stop-shop for anyone or any company needing professional services.”