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Under this category, we ensure that, whether in the local or international domain, we give entrepreneurs a peace of mind on tax issues. We ensure that an entity is tax compliant. We advise entities on means of legally enjoying tax savings through tax avoidance and prevent from being slapped with huge fines for non-compliance and tax evasion. We break down complex tax issues by word of mouth and in a practical sense that touch on direct and indirect taxes. Updates on legal and emerging issues that relate to taxes year-after-year to our clients ensures that they are well informed on tax issues and avoid pitfalls that would be detrimental to their businesses.

Some of the services under this category include:

1.Tax Planning Execution

We help out with structuring and planning efficient tax workouts for businesses as far as their transactions are concerned. This covers the local and international scene for individual and corporate taxpayers.

2.Second Opinions on Tax Workouts and Rulings

We offer a professional view on taxation implications for business transaction whether before or after they are undertaken for individuals and corporates.

This is coupled with current and proposed legislations that create development that may affect your business either positively or negatively, as well as secure private tax rulings from the tax tribunals.

3.Tax Assessments and Claims for Tax Refunds

Under this service, we present our clients in tax related disputes, including in the tax tribunal, where we challenge findings of tax authorities and assist in processing claims for tax credits/refunds.

4.Tax Audits Execution 

We do in-depth studies to identify possible tax problem areas and review the tax position in a given situation or transaction.

5.Tax Returns Execution

Under this, we help our clients in complying with individual as well as corporate tax obligations

6.Start-up Issues for Foreign Investors

Our tax experts assist foreign investors and entities in:

  • Solving the main issues in their operations related to the investments
  • Understanding the best way to take advantage of the tax incentives available to investors
  • Knowing how to take advantage of the wide range of incentives accorded to investors by the government
  • Setting up an investment from the word go. This will cover issues such as:
    • Company Registration
    • Purchase of land 
    • Setting up headquarters and branches
    • Registration with the various government agencies
    • Establishing the various incentives available for the entity and execution of applications to the relevant government agencies
    • Undertaking feasibility studies on locations, set ups and the market

7. Tax Waiver Applications where Penalties from Tax Authorities Come Up

8.Representing Clients in Appeal hearings from Tax Collection Entities

9.Objection Processing

10.Workout for Current and Deferred Taxes 

11.Payments due Advice

12.Compensation Structuring

13.Diagomistc Reviews on Tax Matters

14.Audits relating to VAT Tax Refunds