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Under this we help organizations with the following:

  • Develop and Put in Place Quality Procurement and Supply Processes in the Organization
  • Execute ICT Systems in Procurement and Supply Processes
  • Effectively Manage All Types of Procurement and Supply Chain Risks, as well as Documentation
  • Establish Procurement and Supply Audits Framework
  • Advise on Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Management 
  • Comply with the Legal Aspects in Supply Chain Management
  • Apply Appropriate Decision-Making Tools in Supply Chain Management
  • Manage Procurement Projects
  • Apply Principles of Supply Chain Management in Undertaking the Procurement and Supply Process
  • Effectively Communicate when Carrying Out Activities in Supply Chain
  • Embrace Ethical Business Practices in Entrepreneurship & Supply Chain Operations
  • Effectively Manage the Relationships in Procurement & Supply that Relate to Stakeholders
  • Administer & Negotiate Contracts in Supply Chain Management
  • Appraise Interrelationships between Economies, Business Statistics and Finance in Supply Chain Management
  • Manage Assets and Logistics in Supply Chain Management
  • Develop Effective Strategies in Project and Operations Management in Supply Chain