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In order to positively improve the bottom line of an entity, we believe the tone at the top as well as the quality of the management team contributes in a big way to the direction that an entity takes that determines its wellbeing.

Thus, under this service category, we seek to improve the performance of entities from a top-bottom approach. As the saying goes, “a fish rots from the head.”

By this service, we seek to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an entity which are vital in improving the multi-dimensional health of the whole organization within a sustainable competitive advantage realm. 

Our focus is in helping you boost your business performance by developing strategies that help in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Some of the services under management consulting are:

  • Development and execution of strategic plans
  • Coming up with risk-measurement strategies, risk management plans and crisis handling
  • Composure of mission, vision and philosophies for companies and actualizing them
  • Developing KPIs that can quantify performance appropriately and help in corrective action
  • Assessing entities general health
  • Re-engineering business processes to get entities on the road towards improving their bottom lines
  • Management Development  
  • Facilitate the preparation & submission of proposals and bids
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Organization restructuring: Divestment, mergers and acquisitions, legal restructuring, cost restructuring, repositioning, turnaround and spin-off