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Internal controls are policies, procedures, and technical safeguards that protect the assets of an organization by preventing errors and inappropriate actions. Internal controls fall into three broad categories: detective, preventative, and corrective.

  • Preventive controls are proactive in that they attempt to deter or prevent undesirable events from occurring.
  • Corrective controls are put in place when errors or irregularities are detected.
  • Detective controls provide evidence that an error or irregularity has occurred.

Many organizations incur huge losses as a result of lack of, inadequate, or nonexistent internal controls. Sometimes all a business needs is the strengthening of internal controls and get back to profitability. With the strengthening of internal controls, the leaking of revenue stops. We have experienced first-hand the importance of enhancing internal controls and decided to offer it as a stand-alone service.

Under this category we assess, recommend and execute the establishment of the internal controls as well as monitor and ensure they are working effectively.