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We offer a wide variety of trainings to improve business processes in various entities. These can broadly be grouped into six categories:

  • Business Skills Enhancement Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Technology Application Training
  • Cyber Security Protocols Training
  • Industry Certification Training
  • Leadership Training

These include (but not limited to):

  • Customer Care
  • First Aid Training
  • Effective Marketing
  • Payroll Management & Control
  • Effective Debt Collection

In the professional services category, we offer private/Offsite  training, in partnership with varied stakeholders, for the following courses for companies and individuals:


We offer private training/coaching/Off Site Training in the following KASNEB professional courses:

1.Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

2.Certified Secretaries (CS)

3.Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA)

4.Certified Credit Professionals (CCP) 

5.Certified Information Systems Solutions Expert (CISSE)


The structure of CPA is summarized below:

A. Foundation Level 

  • Financial Accounting 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Introduction to Law and Governance 
  • Economics 
  • Quantitative Analysis 
  • Information Communication Technology

B: Intermediate Level 

  • Company Law
  • Financial Management 
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Auditing and Assurance 
  • Management Accounting 
  • Public Finance and Taxation

 C: Advanced Level 

(i)Compulsory Papers 

  • Leadership and Management 
  • Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis 
  • Advanced Financial Management 

(ii) Specialization papers (One to be Selected, Double Specialization Allowed) 

  • Advanced Taxation 
  • Advanced Auditing and Assurance
  • Advanced Management Accounting 
  • Advanced Public Financial Management 
  • Business Data Analytics (Practical Paper)


The structure of CS is summarized below:

A: Foundation Level 

  • Management Principles and Practice
  • Communication Skills and Records Management 
  • Introduction to Law and Governance 
  • Principles of Accounting and Taxation
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Information Communication Technology 

B: Intermediate Level

  • Company Law 
  • Public Sector Governance, 
  • Policy and Administration 
  • Meetings: Compliance and Administration 
  • Financial Markets and Specialized Institutions 
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics 
  • Research, Consultancy and Advisory 

C: Advanced Level 

  • Strategic Management 
  • Finance for Decision Making 
  • Governance and Compliance Audit
  • Boardroom Dynamics
  • Research Project


The structure of CIFA is summarized below: 

A: Foundation Level 

  • Financial Accounting
  • Professional Ethics and Governance 
  • Regulation of Financial Markets 
  • Economics 
  • Quantitative Analysis 
  • Introduction to Finance and Investments 

B: Intermediate Level 

  • Portfolio Management 
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Equity Investments Analysis 
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Public Finance and Taxation 

C: Advanced Level 

  • Leadership and Management 
  • Fixed Income Investments Analysis 
  • Alternative Investments Analysis 
  • Advanced Portfolio Management 
  • Derivatives Analysis 
  • Financial Modelling and 
  • Data Analytics (Practical Paper)


The structure of CCP is summarized below:

 A: Foundation Level

  • Credit Management 
  • Communication and Customer Relations
  • Introduction to Law and Governance 
  • Credit Risk Management 
  • Principles of Accounting 
  • Business Environment

 B: Intermediate Level

  • Financial Statements Analysis for Credit Managers
  • Corporate Credit Analysis 
  • Collections Management 
  • Credit Governance and Compliance  

C: Advanced Level 

  • Leadership and Management 
  • Advanced Credit Risk Management 
  • Advanced Collections Management 
  • Debt Recovery Management


The structure of CISSE is summarized below: 

A: Foundation Level 

  • Computing Systems
  • Information Systems Support and Integration 
  • Communication Skills and Ethics in Information Systems 
  • Computer Information Systems Applications 
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

 B: Intermediate Level

  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Governance and Ethics 
  • Data Management
  • Information Systems 
  • Research and Project Management
  • Networking and Data Communication 
  • Programming, Systems Analysis and Design 

C: Advanced Level

 a. Elective Areas

 Elective I: Big Data Management and Analytics 

  1. Big Data Management 
  2. Big Data Analytics 

Elective II: Networking and Information Systems Security 

  1. Networking and Telecommunications 
  2. Information Systems Security


We offer private training/coaching/Off Site training, in partnership with various stakeholders, in the following KISEB professional courses:


Under this course the following units are offered:

PL1.01 Understanding Organizational Environment 

PL1.02 Procurement of Goods, Services and Works

PL1.03 Public Procurement

PL1.04 Asset Management and Managerial Accounting 

PL1.05 Category Management 

PL1.06 Supply Chain Management for SMEs 

PL2.01 Supply Chain Management Information Systems

PL2.02 Finance in Supply Chain Management 

PL2.03 Sustainable Supply Chain Management

PL2.04 Operations Management in Practice 

PL2.05 Project and Contract Management

PL2.06 Supply Chain Audit and Risk Management

PL3.01 Strategic Supply Chain Management

PL3.02 Supply Chain Leadership and Governance

PL3.03 Managing Global Logistics

PL3.04 Research in Supply Chain Management

PL3.05 Consultancy in Supply Chain Management

PL3.06 Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

PL3.07 Industry-based Learning



  • Associate in Procurement and Supply LEVEL I
  • Associate in Procurement and Supply LEVEL II
  • Associate in Procurement and Supply LEVEL III


  • DL1.01 Principles of Procurement and Supply
  • DL1.02 Understanding Organizational Environment
  • DL1.03 Communication and Office Management
  • DL1.04 Economics
  • DL1.05 Introduction to Business Law
  • DL1.06 Supply Chain Management
  • DL1.07 Financial and Cost Accounting


  • DL2.01 Procurement of Goods, Services and Works
  • DL2.02 Negotiation in Supply Chain
  • DL2.03 Contract Administration
  • DL2.04 Managing Stakeholder Relationships
  • DL2.05 Warehousing and Distribution
  • DL2.06 Business Statistics
  • DL2.07 Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics


  • DL3.01 Logistics Management
  • DL3.02 Supply Chain Information Systems
  • DL3.03 Finance in Supply Chains  
  • DL3.04 Project Management
  • DL3.05 Operations Management
  • DL3.06 Asset Management, Costing and Budgeting
  • DL3.07 Industry Based Learning


This course covers the following units:

Level 1: Foundations in Accountancy [7 Papers]

ACCA Diploma in Financial & Management

FA1: Recording Financial Transactions

MA1: Management Information

ACCA Accounting [RQFLevel 2]

FA2: Maintaining Financial Records

MA2: Managing Costs & Finance

ACCA Diploma in Financial & Management [RQF Level 3]

BFT: Business Financial & Management Technology

FFA: Financial Accounting

FMA: Management Accounting

Level 2: Fundamental Level [9 Papers]

Applied Knowledge Module

BT: Business & Technology

MA: Management Accountant

FA: Financial Accounting

Applied Skills Module

CL: Corporate & Business Law

TX: Taxation

FR: Financial Reporting

PM: Performance Management

FM: Financial Management

AA: Audit & Assurance

Level 3: Strategic Professional Level


SBR: Strategic Business Reporting

SBL: Strategic Business Leader


AFM: Advanced Financial Management

AAA: Advanced Audit & Assurance

ATX: Advanced Taxation

APM: Advanced Performance Management

Information Communication & Technology 

We also offer private training/coaching/off site Training, in partnership with varied stakeholders, for the following ICT related courses:

1CISCOAssociateCCNA(200-301 CCNA)5 Days
2CISCOAssociateCISCO Certified DevNet Associate[200-901 DEVASC]5 Days
3CISCOAssociateCISCO Certified CyberOps Associate[200-2001 CBROPS]5 Days
4CISCOProfessionalCCNP Enterprise[350-401ENCOR]5 Days
5CISCOProfessionalCISCO Certified DevNet Professional[350-901DEVCOR]5 Days
6CISCOProfessionalCCNP Collaboration[350-801 CLCOR]5 Days
7CISCOProfessionalCCNP Data Centre[350-601 DCCOR]5 Days
8CISCOProfessionalCCNP Security[350-601 DCCOR]5 Days
9CISCOProfessionalCCNP Service Provider[350-501 SPCOR]5 Days
10CISCOProfessionalCISCO Certified CyberOps Professional[350-201 CBRCOR]5 Days
11CISCOExpertCCDE[400-007 CCDE]5 Days
12CISCOExpertCISCO Certified DevNet Expert[350-901 DEVCOR]5 Days
13CISCOExpertCCIE Entreprise Infrastructure5 Days
14CISCOExpertCCIE Entreprise Wireless5 Days
15CISCOExpertCCIE Collaboration5 Days
16CISCOExpertCCIE Data Centre5 Days
17CISCOExpertCCIE Security5 Days
18CISCOExpertCCIE Service Provider5 Days
19CISCOSpecialistCISCO Unified Contact Centre Entreprise Specialist[500-440 UCCED] [500-450 UCCEIS]5 Days
20CISCOSpecialistCISCO & NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist[500-173 FPDESIGN]5 Days
21CISCOSpecialistCISCO & NetApp FlexPod Implementation & Administration Specialist[500-174  FPIMPADM]5 Days
22MicrosoftAzureAzure Administrtion Associate[AZ-104]5 Days
23MicrosoftAzureAzure Developer Associate[az-204]5 Days
24MicrosoftAzureAzure Security Engineer Associate[AZ-500]5 Days
25MicrosoftAzureAzure Stack Hub Operator Associate[AZ-600]5 Days
26MicrosoftAzureAzure Network Engineer Associate[AZ-700]5 Days
27MicrosoftAzureAzure AI Engineer Associate[AI-102]5 Days
28MicrosoftAzureAzure Data Engineer Associate[DP-203]5 Days
29MicrosoftAzureAzure Database Administrator Associate[DP-300]5 Days
30MicrosoftAzureAzure Data Scientist Associate[DP-100]5 Days
31MicrosoftAzureData Analyst Associate[DA-100]5 Days
32MicrosoftAzureDevOps Engineer Expert[AZ-400]5 Days
33MicrosoftAzureAzure Solutions Architect Expert[AZ-304]5 Days
34MicrosoftAzureAzure for SAP Workloads Speciality[AZ-120]5 Days
35MicrosoftAzureAzure Virtual Desktop Speciality[AZ-140]5 Days
36MicrosoftAzureAzure IoT Developer Speciality[]AZ-220]5 Days
37MicrosoftAzureAzure Fundamentals[AZ-900]5 Days
38MicrosoftAzureAzure AI Fundamentals[AI-900]5 Days
39MicrosoftAzureAzure Data Fundamentals[DP-900]5 Days
40MicrosoftMicrosoft 365Developer Associate[MS-600]5 Days
41MicrosoftMicrosoft 365Messaging Administrator Associate[MS-203]5 Days
42MicrosoftMicrosoft 365Modern Desktop Administrator Associate[MD-100,MD-101]5 Days
43MicrosoftMicrosoft 365Security Administrator Associate[MS-500]5 Days
44MicrosoftMicrosoft 365Teams Administrator Associate[ms-700]5 Days
45MicrosoftMicrosoft 365Teams Support Engineer Associate[MS-740]5 Days
46MicrosoftMicrosoft 365Entreprise Administrator Expert[MS-101]5 Days
47MicrosoftMicrosoft 365Microsoft 365 Fundamentals[MS-900]5 Days
48MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate5 Days
49MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Associate5 Days
50MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate5 Days
51MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamic 365 Field Service Functional Consultant Associate5 Days
52MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamic 365 Finance Functional Consultant Associate 5 Days
53MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management,Manufacturing Functional Consultant Associate5 Days
54MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management,Functional Consultant Associate5 Days
55MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant Associate5 Days
56MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate5 Days
57MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant Associate5 Days
58MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Fundamentals[CRM]5 Days
59MicrosoftDynamics 365Dynamics 365 Fundamentals[ERP]5 Days
60MicrosoftPower PlatformPower Platform App Maker Associate[PL-100]5 Days
61MicrosoftPower PlatformPower Platform Functional Consultant Associate[PL-200]5 Days
62MicrosoftPower PlatformPower Platform Developer Associate[PL-400]5 Days
63MicrosoftPower PlatformPower Platform Solution Architect Expert[PL-600]5 Days
64MicrosoftPower PlatformData Analyst Associate[DA-100]5 Days
65MicrosoftPower PlatformPower Platform Fundamentals[PL-900]5 Days
66MicrosoftSecurity,Compliance & IdentitySecurity Compliance & Identity Fundamentals[SC-900]5 Days
67MicrosoftSecurity,Compliance & IdentityAzure Security Engineer Associate[AZ-500]5 Days
68MicrosoftSecurity,Compliance & IdentityMicrosoft 365 Security Adminsitrator Associate[MS-500]5 Days
69MicrosoftSecurity,Compliance & IdentitySecurity Operations Analyst Associate[SC-200]5 Days
70MicrosoftSecurity,Compliance & IdentityIdentity & Access Administrator Associate[SC-300]5 Days
71MicrosoftSecurity,Compliance & IdentityInformation Protection Administrator Associate[SC-400]5 Days
72MicrosoftWindowsAdminsitering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure[AZ-800]5 Days
73MicrosoftWindowsConfiguring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services[AZ-801]5 Days
74MicrosoftWindowsWindows Server 2019 Administration5 Days
75MicrosoftWindowsAutomating Adminsitrtion with PowerShell5 Days
76MicrosoftWindowsAzure Stack HCI5 Days
77MicrosoftWindowsWindows Server 2019 Hybrid & Azure IaaS5 Days
78MicrosoftSQL ServerAnalyzing Data with Power BI[DA-100]4 Days
79MicrosoftSQL ServerMigrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure1 Days
80MicrosoftSQL ServerPowerShell for SQL Server Administrators2 Days
81MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Reports with Report Builder & SSRS Level 12 Days
82MicrosoftSQL ServerQuick Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services2 Days
83MicrosoftSQL ServerPreparing Your Data for Power BI2 Days
84MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Reports with Report Designer  & SSRS 2014 Level 12 Days
85MicrosoftSQL ServerSQL Server 2014 Performance Tuning & Optimization5 Days
86MicrosoftSQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Alwayson & High Availability5 Days
87MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Reports with Report Designer & SSRS 2016 Level 25 Days
88MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Analytical Queries for Business Intelligence3 Days
89MicrosoftSQL ServerMicrosoft SQL AlwaysOn & High Availability2 Days
90MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Reports with Report Designer & SSRS 2016 Level 22 Days
91MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Analytical Queries for Business Intelligence3 Days
92MicrosoftSQL ServerSQL 2016 AlwaysOn High Availability3 Days
93MicrosoftSQL ServerMicrosoft Report Builder 3.0 with SQL 2008R2,SQL 2012 & SQL 20142 Days
94MicrosoftSQL ServerMaster Data Services,Data Quality Services with SQL 2012-2014 & Excel3 Days
95MicrosoftSQL ServerMDX with Microsoft Analysis Services:How to ask Questions & get Accurate Answers from your Data3 Days
96MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Reports with Report Designer & SSRSLevel 31 Day
97MicrosoftSQL ServerSQL Server 2012 Reporting Services3 Days
98MicrosoftSQL ServerQuick Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014 Integration Services2 Days
99MicrosoftSQL ServerVisualizing Data with SQL 2008 R2 & Report Builder 3.02 Days
100MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Reports with Report Builder & SSRS  Level 31 Day
101MicrosoftSQL ServerQuick Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services2 Days
102MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Reports with Report Designer & SSRS 2016 Level 22 Days
103MicrosoftSQL ServerWriting Reports with Report Designer & SSRS 2016 Level 22 Days
104MicrosoftSQL ServerWorking with Data using SQL Server 2008 R2 for Non-Database Administrators2 Days
105CompTIACoreCompTIA IT Fundamentals[FCO-U61]5 Days
106CompTIACoreCompTIA A+[220-1001 & 220-1002]5 Days
107CompTIACoreCompTIA Network+[N10-008]5 Days
108CompTIACoreCompTIA Security+[SYO-601]5 Days
109CompTIACoreCompTIA Cloud+[CVO-003]5 Days
110CompTIAInfrastructureCompTIA Linux+[XKO-004]5 Days
111CompTIAInfrastructureCompTIA Server+[SKO-005]5 Days
112CompTIACyberSecurityCompTIA CySA+[CSO-002]5 Days
113CompTIACyberSecurityCompTIA PenTest+[PTO-002]5 Days
114CompTIACyberSecurityCompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner[CASP+][CAS-004]5 Days
115CompTIAData AnalyticsCompTIA Data+[DAO-001]5 Days
116CompTIAProfessional CoursesCompTIA Cloud Essentials+[CLO-002]5 Days
117CompTIAProfessional CoursesCompTIA Project+[PK1-005]5 Days
118AWSEssentialsAWS Technical Essentials1 Day
119AWSEssentialsAWS Cloud Prcatitioner Essentials1 Day
120AWSAssociateAWS Solution Architect Associate3 Days
121LINUX Professional Institute(LPI)EssentialsLinux Professional Institute Linux-Essentials5 Days
122LINUX Professional Institute(LPI)ProfessionalLinux Professional Institute LPIC-15 Days
123LINUX Professional Institute(LPI)ProfessionalLinux Professional Institute LPIC-25 Days
124LINUX Professional Institute(LPI)ProfessionalLinux Professional Institute LPIC-3 Mixed Environments5 Days
125LINUX Professional Institute(LPI)ProfessionalLinux Professional Institute LPIC-3 Security5 Days
126LINUX Professional Institute(LPI)ProfessionalLinux Professional Institute LPIC-3 Virtualization & Containerization5 Days
127LINUX Professional Institute(LPI)Open TechnologyCertified DevOps Tools Engineer5 Days
128LINUX Professional Institute(LPI)Open TechnologyBSD Specialist5 Days
129OracleAssociateOracle Cloud Infrastructure Security 2021 Certified Associate5 Days
130OracleAssociateOracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Certified Architect Associate5 Days
131OracleAssociateOracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate(JP)5 Days
132OracleAssociateOracle Database SQL Certified Associate5 Days
133OracleAssociateOracle Certified Associate,Java SE 8 Programmer5 Days
134OracleAssociateOracle Certified Associate,Oracle Linux 5 & 6 System Administrator5 Days
135OracleAssociateOracle Certified Associate,Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator5 Days
136OracleAssociateOracle Certified Associate,Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Administrator5 Days
137OracleAssociateOracle Certified Associate,Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator5 Days
138OracleProfessionalOracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Certified Architect Professional5 Days
139OracleProfessionalOracle Database Adminsitration 2019 Certified Professional(Upgrade from 10g,11g,12c,12cR2 OCP)5 Days
140OracleProfessionalOracle Database Adminstration 2019 Certified Professional5 Days
141OracleProfessionalOracle Application Express 18:Developer Certified Professional5 Days
142OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional Orcale Database Security Expert5 Days
143OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional,mySQL 5.7 Databse Administrator5 Days
144OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional,MySQL 8.0 Databse Administrator5 Days
145OracleProfessionalMySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certified Professional5 Days
146OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional Oracle Linux 8 System Administrator5 Days
147OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional,Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator5 Days
148OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional,Oracle Fusion Middlewave 11g Forms Developer5 Days
149OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional,Java EE 7Application Developer5 Days
150OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional,Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Forms Developer5 Days
151OracleProfessionalOracle Certified Professional,Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Administrator5 Days
152OracleSpecialityOracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Certifed Cloud Operations Associate5 Days
153OracleSpecialityOracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer 2021 Certified Associate5 Days
154OracleSpecialityOracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2021 Certified Associate5 Days
155OracleSpecialityOracle Linux 6 Certified Implementation Specialist5 Days
156OracleSpecialityOracle VM 3.0 for x86 Certified Implementation Specialist5 Days
157OracleSpecialityOracle GoldenGate 12c Certified Implementation Specialist5 Days
158EC-Council CoursesFundamentalsEU-Council Certified Encryption Specialist[ECES]5 Days
159EC-Council CoursesFundamentalsEU-Council Certified Security Specialist[ECSS]5 Days
160EC-Council CoursesCoreCertified Network Defender[CND]5 Days
161EC-Council CoursesCoreCertified Ethical Hacker[CEH]5 Days
162EC-Council CoursesCoreCertified Network Defense Architect[CNDA]5 Days
163EC-Council CoursesManagementCertified Chief Information Security Officer[CCISO]5 Days
164EC-Council CoursesSecurity AwarenessCertified Secure Computer User(CSCU)2 Days
165EC-Council CoursesSpecialistCertified Cloud Security Engineer[CICSE]5 Days
166EC-Council CoursesSpecialistCertified Threat Intelligence Analyst[CITIA]5 Days
167EC-Council CoursesSpecialistEC-Council Certified Inident Handler[EICIH]5 Days
168EC-Council CoursesSpecialistCertified Hacking Forensic Investigator[CHFI]5 Days
169EC-Council CoursesSpecialistCertified Application Security Engineer[CASE]5 Days
170EC-Council CoursesSpecialistEC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional[EDRP]5 Days
171EC-Council CoursesAdvancedEC-Council`s Certified Penetration Tester[CPENT]5 Days
172EC-Council CoursesAdvancedLicensed Penetration Testers[LPT]5 Days
173EC-Council CoursesAdvancedCertified Blockchain Professional5 Days
174EC-Council CoursesAdvancedAdvanced Network Defense[CAST 614]5 Days
175EC-Council CoursesAdvancedCertified Soc Analyst(CSA)3 Days
176Datacomms Trainings(DCT)InfrastructureDCT Structured Cabling & Advanced Fibre Optics Training5 Days
177Datacomms Trainings(DCT)InfrastructureDCT Advanced Fibre Optics5 Days
178Datacomms Trainings(DCT)Data CentreDCT Data Centre Essentials1 Day
179Datacomms Trainings(DCT)Data CentreDCT Data Centre Cooling1 Day
180Datacomms Trainings(DCT)Data CentreDCT Data Centre Power1 Day
181Datacomms Trainings(DCT)Data CentreDCT Data Centre Design5 Days
182Datacomms Trainings(DCT)CollaborationDCT Unified Communications & Video Conferencing5 Days
183Datacomms Trainings(DCT)SecurityDCT Working Remotely2 Days
184Datacomms Trainings(DCT)SecurityDCT IP Surveillance,Storage & Access Control5 Days
185Datacomms Trainings(DCT)SecurityDCT Enterprise Security5 Days
186Datacomms Trainings(DCT)Project ManagementDCT Project Management for Infrastructure & Data Centre Manager[PMIDC]5 Days
187Datacomms Trainings(DCT)WirelessDCT Certified Master Wireless Architecture[CMWA]5 Days
188Datacomms Trainings(DCT)WirelessDCT Enterprise Wireless Using Wi-Fi 65 Days
189Electronics Technicians Association[ETA]InfrastructureFibre Optics Installer[FOI]5 Days
190Fortinet NSECybersecurity AwarenessNetwork Security Associate NSE 15 Days
191Fortinet NSECybersecurity AwarenessNetwork Security Associate NSE 25 Days
192Fortinet NSECybersecurity TechnicalNetwork Security Associate NSE 35 Days
193Fortinet NSECybersecurity TechnicalNetwork Security Professional NSE 45 Days
194Fortinet NSECybersecurity TechnicalNetwork Security Analyst NSE 55 Days
195Fortinet NSECybersecurity TechnicalNetwork Security Specialist NSE 65 Days
196Fortinet NSECybersecurity AdvancedNetwork Security Architect NSE 75 Days
197Fortinet NSECybersecurity ExpertNetwork Security Expert NSE 85 Days
198Check PointNew TrainingSecurity Administration R81.1[CCSA]3 Days
199Check PointNew TrainingCertified Security Expert R81.1[CCSE]3 Days
200Check PointNew TrainingCloud Network Security Expert for Azure R812 Days
201Check PointNew TrainingCloud Network Security Expert for AWS R812 Days
202Check PointCoreCheck Point Certified Admin[CCSA] R80.x3 Days
203Check PointCoreCheck Point Certified Expert[CCSE] R80.x3 Days
204Check PointInfinity SpecializationsCheck Point Certified Cloud Specialist[CCCS]2 Days
205Check PointInfinity SpecializationsCheck Point Certified Endpoint Specialist[CCES]2 Days
206Check PointInfinity SpecializationsCheck Point Certified Automation Specialist[CCAS]2 Days
207Check PointInfinity SpecializationsCheck Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator[CCTA]2 Days
208Check PointInfinity SpecializationsCheck Point Certified Automation Specialist[CCSA]2 Days
209Check PointInfinity SpecializationsCheck Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator[CCTA]2 Days
210Check PointInfinity SpecializationsCheck Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert[CCTE]2 Days
211Check PointInfinity SpecializationsCheck Point Certified Multi-Domain Security Management Specialist[CCMS]2 Days
212Check PointHackingPointTMCheck Point Certified VSX Specialist[CCVS]2 Days
213Check PointHackingPointTMHacking 101 Check PointCertified Pen Testing Associate[CCPA]1 Day
214Check PointHackingPointTMWeb Hacking Check Point Certified Pen Testing Expert[CCPE]2 Days
215Check PointHackingPointTMHacking Lot1 Day
216Check PointHackingPointTMCloud Security[CCPE]2 Days
217Check PointHackingPointTMDevSecOps[CCPA]1 Day
218Check PointHackingPointTMWifi Hacking2 Days
219Check PointHackingPointTMAdvanced Web Hacking[AWH]4  Days
220Check PointHackingPointTMAdvanced Infrastructure Hacking[AIH]4 Days
221Palo AltoFirewallConfiguration & Management[EDU-210]5 Days
222Palo AltoFirewallImprovIng Security Posture & Firewall Hardening[EDU-214]5 Days
223Palo AltoFirewallTroubleshooting[EDU-330]5 Days
224Palo AltoPanoramaManaging Firewalls at Scale[EDU-220]5 Days
225Palo AltoCortex XsoarCortex XSOAR:Automation & Orchestration[EDU-380]5 Days
226Sophos FirewallSophos XG Firewall Administrator3 Days
227Sophos FirewallSophos XG Certified Engineer3 Days
228Sophos FirewallSophos XG Central Administrator3 Days
229CertNexusCyber SecurityCyberSAFE3 Days
230CertNexusCyber SecurityCyber Secure Coder[CSC-210]3 Days
231CertNexusCyber SecurityCyberSec First Responder® CRF5 Days
232CertNexusCyber SecurityIRBIZ[IRZ-110]1 Day
233CertNexusIoTCertified IoT Security Practitioner3 Days
234CertNexusIoTCertified IoT  Practitioner3 Days
235CertNexusIoTIoTBIZ1 Day
236CertNexusArtificial IntelligenceAIBIZ 1 Day
237CertNexusArtificial IntelligenceCertified Artificial Intelligence PractitionerTM5 Days
238CertNexusData ScienceDSBIZ1 Day
239CertNexusData ScienceCertified Data Science ParcatitionerTM  [CDSP]5 Days
240CertNexusData EthicsDEBIZ1 Day
241CertNexusData EthicsCertified Ethical Emerging TechnologistTM [CEET]5 Days
242(ISC)2Security AdministrationSystems Security Certified Practitioner[SSCP]5 Days
243(ISC)2Leadership & OperationsCertified Information Systems Security Professional[CISSP5 Days
244(ISC)2Cloud SecurityCertified Cloud Security Professional[CCSP]5 Days
245(ISC)2AuthorizationCertified Authorization Professional[CAP]5 Days
246(ISC)2Software SecurityCertified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional[CSSLP]5 Days
247ISACAAuditCertified Information Systems Auditor[CISA]5 Days
248ISACARisk ManagementCertified in Risk & Information Systems Control4 Days
249ISACAInformation SecurityCertified Information Security Manager5 Days
250ISACAIT GovernanceCertified in the Governance of Enterprise IT5 Days
251ISACACyber SecurityCybersecurity Practitioner Certification5 Days
252ISACAData PrivacyCertified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer5 Days
253ISACAAssociateInformation Technology Certified Associate5 Days
254ISACAEmerging TechnologyCertified in Emerging Technology Certification5 Days
255redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified System Administrator[RHCSA]5 Days
256redhatPlatformsRed Hat Engineer[RHCE]5 Days
257redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Services Management & Automation5 Days
258redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Deployment & Systems Management5 Days
259redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Security:Linux5 Days
260redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in High Availability Clustering5 Days
261redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Linux Diagnostics & Troubleshooting5 Days
262redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Linux Performance Tuning5 Days
263redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration5 Days
264redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Identity Management5 Days
265redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Cloud Infrastructure5 Days
266redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Engineer in Red Hat OpenStack5 Days
267redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization5 Days
268redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Cloud-Native Developer5 Days
269redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer5 Days
270redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Developer5 Days
271redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in API Management5 Days
272redhatPlatformsRed Hat Certified Specialist in Building Resilient Microservices5 Days
273redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in Business Process Design5 Days
274redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development5 Days
275redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in Decision Management5 Days
276redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Application Server Administration5 Days
277redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in Event-Driven Development with Kafka5 Days
278redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in Messaging Administration5 Days
279redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShit Application Development5 Days
280redhatApplication ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization5 Days
281redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Specialist in Containers & Kubernetes5 Days
282redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Specialist in Event-Driven Development with Kafka5 Days
283redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Engineer in Red Hat OpenStack5 Days
284redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Specialist in Cloud Infrastructure5 Days
285redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development5 Days
286redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Cloud-Native Developer5 Days
287redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Application Development5 Days
288redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration5 Days
289redhatCloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Specialist in Messaging Administration5 Days
290 Cloud ComputingRed Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Automation & Integration 
291redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in Developing Automation with Ansible Automation Platform5 Days
292redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in API Management5 Days
293redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in Services Management & Automation5 Days
294redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Network Automation5 Days
295redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in Business Process Design5 Days
296redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in Decision Management5 Days
297redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in Advanced Automation:Ansible Best Practices5 Days
298redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Network Automation5 Days
299redhatAutomation & ManagementRed Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Automation & Integration5 Days
300redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Cloud-Native Developer5 Days
301redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer5 Days
302redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Specialist in API Management5 Days
303redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Specialist in Building Resilient Microservices5 Days
304redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Specialist in Business Process Design5 Days
305redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Specialist in Business Rules5 Days
306redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Specialist in Decision Management5 Days
307redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Application Development5 Days
308redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development5 Days
309redhatApplication DevelopmentRed Hat Certified Specialist in Event-Driven Development with Kafka5 Days
310redhatData ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in Ceph Cloud Storage5 Days
311redhatData ServicesRed Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Data Foundations5 Days
312VmwareApp ModernizationKubernets Fundamentals & Cluster Operations5 Days
313VmwareApp ModernizationSpring:Core Training5 Days
314VmwareApp ModernizationSpring Boot:Developer5 Days
315VmwareApp ModernizationNew Spring Security5 Days
316VmwareApp ModernizationVMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid:Install,Configure,Manage[V 1.3]5 Days
317VmwareApp ModernizationVMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition;Install,Configure,Manage[V 1.10]5 Days
318VmwareApp ModernizationNEW VMware Tanzu Mission Control:Management & Operation 20225 Days
319VmwareApp ModernizationVMware Tanzu Mission Control:Mnagement & Operation 20205 Days
320VmwareMulti CloudData Center Automation with Vrealize Orchestrator & Vsphere Power CLI5 Days
321VmwareMulti CloudVMware Cloud Foundation:Management & Operations[V4.0]5 Days
322VmwareMulti CloudVMware Cloud Foundation:Plan & Deploy[V4.0]5 Days
323VmwareMulti CloudVMware Cloud Foundation:Planning,Management,Opeartions[V4.3]5 Days
324VmwareMulti CloudVMware Cloud on AWS:Deploy,Configure,Manage 20215 Days
325VmwareMulti CloudVMware Data Centre Virtulaization:Core Technical Skills5 Days
326VmwareMulti CloudVMware HCX:Management & Operations5 Days
327VmwareMulti CloudVMware Integrated OpenStack:Install,Configure,Manage[V7]5 Days
328VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSAN:Fast Track[7]5 Days
329VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSAN:Management & Operations[V7]5 Days
330VmwareMulti CloudVMware Vsan:Plan & Deploy[V7]5 Days
331VmwareMulti CloudVMware Vsan:Troubleshooting[V7]5 Days
332VmwareMulti CloudVMware Vsan:Production Operations[V6.7]5 Days
333VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu:Deploy & Manage[V7]5 Days
334VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:What`s New[V6.7 to V7]5 Days
335VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Install,Configure,Manage[V7]5 Days
336VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Optimize & Scale[V7]5 Days
337VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Optimize& Scale plus5 Days
338VmwareMulti CloudTroubleshooting Fast Track[V7]5 Days
339VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Trouble Hooting[V7]5 Days
340VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Fast Track[V7]5 Days
341VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Design[V7]5 Days
342VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Advanced Administartion Workshop[V7]5 Days
343VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Install,Configure,Manage[V6.7]5 Days
344VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Optimize & Scale[V6.7]5 Days
345VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Advanced Troubleshooting Workshop[V6.7]5 Days
346VmwareMulti CloudVMware vSphere:Fast Track[V6.7]5 Days
347VmwareMulti CloudNEW VMware vRealize Automation:Troubleshooting[V8.6]5 Days
348VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Automation;Install,Configure,Manage-V8.3]5 Days
349VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Automation:Advanced Features & Troubleshooting[V8.X]5 Days
350VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Automation:Orchestration & Extensibility[V8.1]5 Days
351VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Automation:Install,Configure,Manage[V7.6]5 Days
352VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Automation:Orchestration & Extensibility[V7.6]5 Days
353VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Automation:Design & Deploy[V7.6]5 Days
354VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Automation: SaltStack Config:Deploy & Manage[V8.4]5 Days
355VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Automation:Design & Deploy[V7.6]5 Days
356VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Long Insight:Deploy & Manage[V8.4]5 Days
357VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Long Insight:Deploy & Manage[V4.7]5 Days
358VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Operations:Install,Configure,Manage[V8.2]5 Days
359VmwareMulti CloudvMware vRealize Operations:Day 2 Operations with Cloud[V8.2]5 Days
360VmwareMulti CloudNEW VMware vRealize Operations:Advanced Use Cases[8.x]5 Days
361VmwareMulti CloudTroubleshooting Vmware vRealize Operations[V8.x]5 Days
362VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Operations:Install,Configure,Manage[V8]5 Days
363VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Opertations for Operators[V8.2]5 Days
364VmwareMulti CloudVMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager:Install,Configure,Manage[V8.0]5 Days
365VmwareMulti CloudVMware Site Recovery Manager:Install,Configure,Manage[V8.2]5 Days
366VmwareMulti CloudNEW VMware Cloud Director:Install,Configure,Manage[V10.3]5 Days
367VmwareMulti CloudVMware Cloud Director:Advanced Networking with NSX-T Data Centre[V10.2]5 Days
368VmwareMulti CloudVMware Cloud Director:Advanced Workshop[V10.2]5 Days
369VmwareMulti CloudVMware Cloud Director:Install,Configure,Manage[V10.1]5 Days
370VmwareMulti CloudVMware vCloud Director:Tenant Operations[V10.x]5 Days
371VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T Data Centre for Intrinsic Security[V3.1]5 Days
372VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T Data Centre:Multisite Deployments with Federation5 Days
373VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T Data Centre:Install,Configure,Manage[V3.0]5 Days
374VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T Data Centre:Design[V3.0]5 Days
375VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T Dat CeNTRE:Migration from NSX Data Centre for vSphere5 Days
376VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T Data Centre:Troubleshooting & Operations[V3.0]5 Days
377VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T Dat Centre:Install,Configure,Manage[V2.4]5 Days
378VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T Data Centre:Troubleshooting & Operations[V2.4]5 Days
379VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX:Install,Configure,Mange[V6.4]5 Days
380VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX:Troubleshooting & Operations[V6.4]5 Days
381VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware Introduction to Application Delivery Controller with NSX Advanced Load Balancer5 Days
382VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer:Global Server Load Balancing Design & Deploy5 Days
383VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer:Infrastructure & Application Automation5 Days
384VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer:Install,Configure,Manage5 Days
385VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer:Install,Configure,Manage Plus Troubleshooting & Operations Fast Track5 Days
386VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVmware NSX Advanced Load Balancer5 Days
387VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkTroubleshooting & Operations5 Days
388VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVmware NSX Advanced Load Balancer5 Days
389VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkWeb Application Firewall Security5 Days
390VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkNEW Vmware SD-WAN for Service Providers[V4.x]5 Days
391VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVmware SD-WAN:Deploy & Manage5 Days
392VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVmware SD-WAN:Design & Deploy[V3.x]5 Days
393VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVmware Telco Cloud Automation:Install,Configure,Manage[V1.8]5 Days
394VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVmware Telco Cloud Infrastructure:Install,Configure,Manage[V2.0]5 Days
395VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVmware Telco Cloud Platform:Install,Configure Manager[V2.0]5 Days
396VmwareVirtual Cloud NetworkVmware vRealize Network Insight:Install,Configure,Manage[V6.1]5 Days
397PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementITIL® 4 Foundation3 Days
398PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementITIL® 4 Strategist Direct Plan & Improve5 Days
399PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementITIL® 4 Specialist Create,Deliver & Support5 Days
400PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementITIL® 4 Specialist:Sustainability in Digital & IT5 Days
401PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementITIL® 4 Leader:Digital & IT Strategy [DITS]5 Days
402PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementITIL® 4 Specialist:Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services5 Days
403PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementITIL® 4 Specialist:Drive Stakeholder Value5 Days
404PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementITIL® 4 Specialist:High Velocity IT5 Days
405PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementCOBIT®5 Foundation3 Days
406PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementCOBIT®5 Implementation5 Days
407PeopleCert®IT Governance & Service ManagementCOBIT®5 Assessor5 Days
408PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementPRINCE2® Foundation2 Days
409PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementPRINCE2® Practitioner3 Days
410PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementPRINCE2 Agile® Foundation2 Days
411PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementPRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner3 Days
412PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementMOP® Foundation2 Days
413PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementMOP® Practitioner3 Days
414PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementMSP® Foundation2 Days
415PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementMSP® Practitioner3 Days
416PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementMoV® Foundation2 Days
417PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementMov® Practitioner3 Days
418PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementP3O® Foundation2 Days
419PeopleCert®Project,Programme & Portifolio ManagementP3O® Practitioner3 Days
420PeopleCert®Business TransformationAgileSHIFT5 Days
421PeopleCert®ScrumPeopleCertScrum Master I5 Days
422PeopleCert®ScrumPeopleCertScrum Master II5 Days
423PeopleCert®Lean Six SigmaIASSC® Certified Yellow BeltTM ICYBTM2 Days
424PeopleCert®Lean Six SigmaIASSC® Certified Green BeltTM ICGBTM5 Days
425PeopleCert®Lean Six SigmaIASSC® Certified Black  BeltTM ICBBTM5 Days
426PeopleCert®Cyber Security & ResilienceRESILIATM Foundation2 Days
427PeopleCert®Cyber Security & ResilienceRESILIATM Practitioner3 Days
428PeopleCert®Software Development & TestingQuality Software Developer Foundation Certificate in Maintainability(C#)2 Days
429PeopleCert®Software Development & TestingQuality Software Developer Foundation Certificate in Maintainability(Java)2 Days
430PeopleCert®Software Development & TestingQuality Software Developer Advanced5 Days
431PeopleCert®DevopsPeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals5 Days
432PeopleCert®DevopsPeopleCert DevOps Leadership5 Days
433PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 14001 Environmental Management System Foundation1 Day
434PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management Foundation2 Days
435PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Foundation2 Days
436PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 27000 Information Security Management Foundation2 Days
437PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 50001 Energy Management System Foundation2 Days
438PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 9001 Quality Management System Foundation2 Days
439PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 14001 Environmental Management System Professional5 Days
440PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management Professional5 Days
441PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Professional5 Days
442PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 27000 Information Security Management Professional5 Days
443PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 50001 Energy Management System Professional5 Days
444PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 9001 Quality Management System Professional5 Days
445PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 10019 Management Consultant5 Days
446PeopleCert®Peoplecert Professional Certifications in Management SystemsISO 19011 Auditing Management System5 Days
447PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27001 Introduction1 Day
448PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27001 Foundation2 Days
449PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer5 Days
450PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor5 Days
451PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27002 Introduction1 Day
452PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27002 Foundation2 Days
453PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27002 Manager3 Days
454PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27002 Lead  Manager5 Days
455PECBInformation SecurityRisk Assessment Methods EBIOS3 Days
456PECBInformation SecurityRisk Assessment Methods MEHARI3 Days
457PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27005 Introduction1 Day
458PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27005 Foundation2 Days
459PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27005 Risk Manager3 Days
460PECBInformation SecurityISO/IEC 27005 Lead Risk Manager5 Days
461PECBCyberSecurityISO/IEC 27032 Foundation2 Days
462PECBCyberSecurityISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cyber Security Manager5 Days
463PECBCyberSecurityLead Cloud Security Manager5 Days
464PECBCyberSecurityPECB CyberSecurity Maturity Model CMMC Foundations2 Days
465PECBCyberSecurityPECB CyberSecurity Maturity Model CMMC Certified Professional4 Days
466PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryISO 22301 Introduction1 Day
467PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryISO 22301 Foundation2 Days
468PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryISO 22301 Lead Implementer5 Days
469PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryISO 22301 Lead Auditor5 Days
470PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryISO 22301:2019 Transition 2 Days
471PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryDisaster Recovery Introduction1 Day
472PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryDisaster Recovery Foundation2 Days
473PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryDisaster Recovery Manager3 Days
474PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryLead Disaster Recovery Manager5 Days
475PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryISO 22316 Introduction1 Day
476PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryISO 22316 Foundation2 Days
477PECBContinuity,Resilience & RecoveryISO 22316 Lead Resilience Manager5 Days
478PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionISO/IEC 27701 Introduction1 Day
479PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionISO/IEC 27701 Foundation2 Days
480PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionISO/IEC 27701 Lead Implementer5 Days
481PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionISO/IEC 27701 Lead Auditor5 Days
482PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionGDPR Introduction1 Day
483PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionGDPR Foundation2 Days
484PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionGDPR-Certified Data Protection Officer5 Days
485PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionISO/TS 22317 Introduction1 Day
486PECBPrivacy & Data ProtectionISO/TS 22317[BIA] Foundation2 Days
487PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 31000 Introduction1 Day
488PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 31000 Foundation2 Days
489PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 31000 Risk Manager3 Days
490PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager5 Days
491PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 31000 Transition2 Days
492PECBGovernance,Risk & Compliance1SO 37001 Introduction1 Day
493PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 37001 Foundation2 Days
494PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 37001Lead Implementer5 Days
495PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 37001 Lead Auditor5 Days
496PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 37301 Introduction1 Day
497PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 37301 Foundation2 Days
498PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 37301 Lead Implementer5 Days
499PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 37301 Lead Auditor5 Days
500PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO 37301 Transition2 Days
501PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO/IEC 38500 Foundation2 Days
502PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO/IEC 38500 IT Corporate Governance Manager3 Days
503PECBGovernance,Risk & ComplianceISO/IEC 38500 Lead IT Corporate Governance Manager5 Days
504PECBDigital TransformationLead Digitalization & Electronic Archiving Manager5 Days
505PECBDigital TransformationDigital Transformation5 Days
506PECBQuality & ManagementISO 9001 Introduction1 Day
507PECBQuality & ManagementISO 9001 Foundation2 Days
508PECBQuality & ManagementISO 9001Lead  Implementer5 Days
509PECBQuality & ManagementISO 9001 Lead Auditor5 Days
510PECBQuality & ManagementIISO 9001:2015 Transition2 Days
511PECBQuality & ManagementISO 21500 Introduction1 Day
512PECBQuality & ManagementISO 21500 Foundation2 Days
513PECBQuality & ManagementISO 21500 Lead Project Manager5 Days
514PECBQuality & ManagementISO13485 Introduction1 Day
515PECBQuality & ManagementISO 21500 Foundation2 Days
516PECBQuality & ManagementISO 21500 Lead Project Manager5 Days
517PECBQuality & ManagementISO 13485 Introduction1 Day
518PECBQuality & ManagementISO 13485 Foundation2 Days
519PECBQuality & ManagementISO 13485 Lead Implementer5 Days
520PECBQuality & ManagementISO 13485 Lead Auditor5 Days
521PECBQuality & ManagementISO/IEC 17025 Introduction1 Day
522PECBQuality & ManagementISO/IEC 17025 Foundation2 Days
523PECBQuality & ManagementISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer5 Days
524PECBQuality & ManagementISO/IEC 17025 Lead Assessor5 Days
525PECBQuality & ManagementISO/IEC 17025 Transition2 Days
526PECBQuality & ManagementISO/IEC 20000 Introduction1 Day
527PECBQuality & ManagementSO/IEC 20000 Foundation2 Days
528PECBQuality & ManagementSO/IEC 20000 Lead Implementer5 Days
529PECBQuality & ManagementSO/IEC 20000 Lead Auditor5 Days
530PECBQuality & ManagementSO/IEC 20000:2018 Transition2 Days
531Project Management Institute[PMI]AssociateCertified Associate in Project Management[CAPM]®5 Days
532Project Management Institute[PMI]ProfessionalProject Management Professional®5 Days
533Project Management Institute[PMI]ProfessionalPMI Professional in Business Analysis[PMI-PBA]®5 Days
534Project Management Institute[PMI]ProfessionalProgram Management Professional[PgMP]®5 Days
535Project Management Institute[PMI]ProfessionalPortifolio Management Professional[PfMP]®5 Days
536Project Management Institute[PMI]ProfessionalPMI Risk Management Professional[PMI-RMP]®5 Days
537Project Management Institute[PMI]ProfessionalPMI Scheduling Professional[PMI-RMP]®5 Days
538Project Management Institute[PMI]Management PMI Project Management ReadyTM5 Days
539International Institute of Business Analysis[IIBA]CoreEntry Certificate in Business AnalysisTM3 Days
540International Institute of Business Analysis[IIBA]CoreCertification of Capability in Business AnalysisTM5 Days
541International Institute of Business Analysis[IIBA]CoreCertified Business Analysis Professional[CBAP®]5 Days
542International Institute of Business Analysis[IIBA]SpecializationAgile Analysis Certification[IIBA®-AAC]5 Days
543International Institute of Business Analysis[IIBA]SpecializationBusiness Data Analytics Certification[IIBA®-CBDA]5 Days
544International Institute of Business Analysis[IIBA]SpecializationCybersecurity Analysis Certification[IIBA®-CCA]5 Days
545International Institute of Business Analysis[IIBA]SpecializationProduct Ownership Analysis Certification[IIBA®-CPOA]5 Days
546Scrum StudyAgile ScrumScrum Developer Certified[SDC®]4 Days
547Scrum StudyAgile ScrumScrum Master Certified[SMC®]2 Days
548Scrum StudyAgile ScrumSCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified[SAMCTM3 Days
549Scrum StudyAgile ScrumScrum Product Owner Certified[SPOC®]2 Days
5506 Sigma StudyAgile ScrumSix Sigma Black Belt[SSBB]5 Days
5516 Sigma StudyAgile ScrumSix Sigma Green Belt[SSGB]3 Days