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We ensure that entities are able to concentrate on what they are best at and outsource services that would naturally waste their time on sections that don’t add value to the whole. 

B.P.O happens when a company outsources sections or entire business functions to be handled by another company. For example, companies can outsource their marketing, payroll, human resources (HR), customer service and supply chain management functions. It offers several benefits, such as lower costs, global expansion, and higher efficiency

Under this category we offer the following services:

  • Automated Invoicing
  • Payroll Management and Processing
  • Financial Reporting and Book Keeping
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Executive/Senior Payroll Preparation
  • Monthly Tax Compliance Procedures for VAT, PAYE & Withholding Tax Returns
  • Short-Term Finance & Accounting Staff Placement for establishment and Streamlining of Procedures